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alex black enigma at turingstudio.com
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> Can anyone direct me to white papers or other specs on color suite  
> room set-up? Lighting/wall color/monitor specs/etc.

SMPTE RP166 (you can buy it, $25 or so)

For projection RP431 if I remember correctly.

* White or grey wall behind reference monitor lit to max 12 cd/m2 (10%  
of monitor white) with 6500k light - you can buy fixtures for this  
(ideal-lume etc) or build your own from ultra-sun 6500k aquarium  
lights with 98CRI)
* Gradation of light intensity
* Nonuniform surface (I used a fancy curtain, but texture of some kind  
reduces eye strain)
* 8x monitor area

* Monitor 2.5-5 screen *heights* from wall
* Check for and adjust environment to get lowest possible reflections  
on grading monitor when off
* Monitor 100IRE D65 120 cd/m2 (35 FL)
* 0-5deg viewing angle ideal, 15deg max

* Walls matte surface max 10% reflectance

* Colorist desk max 15% reflectance
* Colorist area lit 6500k 30-40lx diffuse

* Colorist viewing position 4-6 screen heights

* Pref. low static environment (avoid carpet in working area - client  
area is fine)

* Minimum 20 seconds to adjust to new viewing environment when  
entering room
* 10 footcandles/100lux
* ideally 6500k lighting
* comfy couch
* silent fridge
* duck hunt and a nintendo :P
* etch-a-sketch
* empty crackpipe you can point to when they ask for something insane.


In reality I lit the colorist area with high CRI 6500k Ushio whitestar  
halogens and the rest with ushio 3500k "normal" halogens because after  
8 hours if I was a client I'd effing kill myself under 6500k.  
Different if you're working, so it's fine that the colorist is in  
6500k, and will probably end up with a few 6500k desk lamps also.

I also chose *specifically* to forego a big client plasma because we  
like clients involved and looking at the same stuff. Cross-calibrating  
a plasma to an LCD in the same room is a pain and defeats the  
"cultural" purpose - to have them involved and making decisions.

Nice fancy 10bit panel with good processing. I'll be testing the FSI  
LM-2450W and the 2470W shortly in the new facility. Totally different  
monitoring requirements if you're doing DI work than if you're doing  



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