[Tig] color suite room set up white paper

simon astbury simonastbury at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 17 09:53:39 GMT 2009

> In reality I lit the colorist area with high CRI 6500k Ushio whitestar  
> halogens and the rest with ushio 3500k "normal" halogens because after  
> 8 hours if I was a client I'd effing kill myself under 6500k.  
> Different if you're working, so it's fine that the colorist is in  
> 6500k, and will probably end up with a few 6500k desk lamps also.
> I also chose *specifically* to forego a big client plasma because we  
> like clients involved and looking at the same stuff. Cross-calibrating  
> a plasma to an LCD in the same room is a pain and defeats the  
> "cultural" purpose - to have them involved and making decisions.
> Nice fancy 10bit panel with good processing. I'll be testing the FSI  
> LM-2450W and the 2470W shortly in the new facility. Totally different  
> monitoring requirements if you're doing DI work than if you're doing  
> 709.

 I would second that post, I have just been involved on setting up a new room. Instead of a curtain I have a concave back panel with 6500k flouros in the pelmet.
I can recommend the Cinetal 10bit panel, when set up correctly it is a really good piece of kit.
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