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"FL: Yes! at times, after taking a film out of the canister for the  
first time 60 years after it was shot, Tom Schinstine (our engineer  
and projectionist extraordinaire) would tell us that he thought we  
could only project the film once. So we did and made sure all the  
settings were correct on the RED! Most of the time, we were able to  
preserve it as the film basically self destructed by the end of the  
reel. Sometimes, the film was not recoverable."
not recoverable - Just insane.

Thank goodness the National Archives apparently made these airheads  
scan at least some film properly.

But attempting to project that other film EVEN ONCE is criminal. Did  
these guys even look for alternatives like the Kinetta scanner? Or did  
they just decide they could not afford to do it outside of their own  
space? What a loss.

Sure 3000 hours of footage is a lot. And I am sure that there was not  
a sufficient budget to do it right. But to say "No corners were cut in  
accomplishing this colossal feat and mainly it is because Lou and  
Scott Reda both have a deep passion and respect for the subject  
matter." just flies in the face of reason.

What really gets me is in the videos "Preserving the Film", most of  
what they show is 8mm. And "cleaning" by manually wiping with a white  
cloth. And projecting on a consumer projector (undoubtedly tearing the  
film apart). All the while talking about 4K and the Red "telecine  
configuration". As if the 8mm even has 4K of image.

What Bulls***.

"So much incredible footage was never used… "

Makes one wonder if the reason was that they could not use it due to  
irreversible damage, or because whoever owned the footage said (I  
hope) "You are gonna do WHAT?"

Disclaimer- Never had the pleasure of seeing one of those Kinettas...
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