[Tig] Steve Hullfish interviews Mr. Lumiere

Steve Hullfish steve4lists at veralith.com
Wed Nov 18 09:20:10 GMT 2009

Jeff - I respect you tremendously and I agree about many of your  
points. I also know that in this discussion I am definitely the one at  
the disadvantage in terms of expertise and detailed knowledge. I cede  
to you on all points, other than the fact that just because you have  
an image of a RED shooting something off a wall does NOT mean that the  
film was transferred that way for the broadcast itself. You can read  
my story on PVC about this now. It may have been a test. It may have  
been for real. It may have been for a publicity shot. Publicists don't  
know how things SHOULD be done.


He did claim that they projected 8mm footage against a wall and shot  
it with a RED, which is pretty crazy for a project that has HD in the  

I have great old 8mm home movies that I tried to transfer to the best  
of my ability but I know I screwed up (The film is still fine.) I wish  
I could afford a better transfer. Obviously this series for the  
History Channel SHOULD be able to afford a better transfer than was  
done in some cases. And my own experience with the value of my  
family's footage almost led me to create a stock footage company based  
solely on old family film footage. It's great stuff.

Steve Hullfish

On Nov 18, 2009, at 2:51 AM, Jeff Kreines wrote:

> On Nov 18, 2009, at 2:42 AM, Steve Hullfish wrote:
>> He did say that he shot the 8mm footage off a wall using a RED. I  
>> obviously do not think this is wise, but it doesn't mean I'm  
>> getting "hyped."
> As well as 16mm footage not from archives, it appears.
>> The truth is very simple. You CAN NOT TRANSFER materials from the  
>> National Archives like this. They won't let you. It's impossible.
> I know that -- and it's a good rule.  Note that I make scanners for  
> archives including the Library of Congress, so am very familiar with  
> this world.
> I have a strong sense that Lumiere doesn't really know what he is  
> doing, from my brief correspondence with him -- he thought a "film  
> recorder" was something used to transfer film to HD or digital  
> formats, not the other way around.  Fine mistake for someone who  
> doesn't claim expertise, but it would be a bit like a so-called  
> editor calling an Avid a Moviola (if it weren't so late I'd come up  
> with a better analogy).
> These people should know better, or hire someone who does!
> Looking forward to your piece and making snarky comments! ;-)
> Best,
> Jeff

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