[Tig] Current TIG wiki Classifieds

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed Nov 25 22:57:48 GMT 2009

for details on the following verified current classified ads, please see

	• Jeff Christopherson. Digital Film Engineer, D.I. Supervisor,  
Consultant, Manager.

	• Rob Lingelbach, Colorist, Consultant

	• Jim Mann, Freelance Colorist/daVinci Product Specialist

	• Stuart Blake Jones - Freelance Colorist-Consultant-Instructor-Writer

	• Adam Halasz colourist

	• Luciano Martins, Jr. Colorist/Assistant Colorist

	• Drake Conrad, DI Colorist, Digital Film Supervisor

	• Dave Larson: Telecine/Facility Engineer

	• Telecine Room for Sale

	• FULL SUITE (including Telecine & Da Vinci 2k Plus) For Immediate Sale

	• For sale GATES

	• Wanted, Engineer, New York City

	• Wanted, Ursa 1 Manual

	• Northlight One Scanner

	• 16mm gate for Arriscan needed

Rob Lingelbach    TIG admin/founder
rob at colorist.org

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