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Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Sat Nov 28 15:59:06 GMT 2009

--Fielding a question on behalf of a third party:
--What type of EDLs can Resolve accept (i.e. CMX 3600, GVG 4, etc.)?
--Any restrictions on file name in terms of characters or length?
--Joe Owens

I'm running a Resolve RT (3 years old hardware, latest software) and it takes normal CMX3600-EDL without any problems.
If you are editing Red on Avid and need to use the Red16-edl-template in EDL-Manager... that works fine aswel.
It can take FinalCut EDL's were you have the full Red-reel in the comment and the reel-info is trunkated, it will use the "From clip name"-info and put that as "reel"

Speed/slowmo/reverse/dissolves works fine (if its all on the same videotrack).
There is also some AAF-support but I've never tryed it, don't know how it works or what it does.

If you have a Pre-Conform that you will grade and a matching EDL, then you can split it up as you would exspect, but after that... you are able to sort the Pre-Conform in C-mode, witch is nice.

Who, or what system outputs anything other then a CMX3600?
I know Avid and FCP CAN do it... but why? Isn't CMX3600 some sort of standard no? Or is there a system that CAN'T read a CMX3600 and needs somethin other then that?

Ps. Don't work for Blackmagic, but I am using their products in my work...

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