[Tig] LUTs for Plasma Monitors

Andy Delle adelle at laserpacific.com
Mon Nov 30 22:30:26 GMT 2009

Well we are using the BlackMagic pro box which costs about $800 retail. They are good enough for edit rooms and even dailies telecine. We still use CRTs in final TV timing but those days are numbered!

Some issues:

1) It may seem logical to use the DVI output of the LUT box thus negating the need for the $1400 Plasma HDSDI module. Unfortunately The Panasonic DVI input blanks an extra line. The HDSDI input is WYSIWYG.

2) The LUT boxes have a poor HDSDI input circuit. They don't like being at the end of long cables, like 100 feet. So we typically keep them at the rack which has another benefit, there is usually a computer close by to run the LUT software on. It uses USB so cable length is an issue.

Andy Delle
Laser Pacific Media Corporation

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