[Tig] 8mm Film Sprocket Holes Visible in Rank Cintel Transfer

Ken Robinson ken at flight4.org
Mon Oct 5 00:02:44 BST 2009

IMHO, inspect the film yourself. See if there is anything on the film edge
to disrupt the path through the gate. 

If all is clean and the splices are in reasonable condition ask for a

It's a bit tricky to see with the pixelised YouTube video if it's a Cintel
TX. It could easily be, and most probably is. 

The tx guy probably thought you wouldn't notice with all the flair, dirt and
scratches... BUT, seems that you did!!!

If the transfer house doesn't like what I have to say, send 'em down to
Argentina, where I will throw bottles of wine at them for you. (Probably
empty ones)

Ken Robinson
(Senior bottle washer)

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Is anyone on this forum willing to comment on why the sprocket holes are 
momentarily visible in one of the Rank Cintel transfers of my dad's 

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