[Tig] 8mm Film Sprocket Holes Visible in Rank Cintel Transfer

John A. Mozzer jamworks at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 5 04:46:41 BST 2009

Thanks everybody.

The splice you see prior to the footage we are discussing is actually 
not that close to it.  That splice leads to footage that I used in a 
different clip, Cumberland, Maryland, 1953, which is about 25 seconds. 
(The film was clear at that point, so it worked.)  No additional splices 
occur throughout all of Cumberland, Maryland, 1953 footage, and the 
following footage where the sprocket holes are visible in the transfer.

I examined the original film by holding it up to a household light.  The 
sudden camera bump (pan right) mentioned by Brian Thomas, that occurs 
before the part where the sprocket holes are visible, is in the original 

The original film appears to be in good condition (not curled, etc.).  I 
can see lots of flaring in from the holes (as one of you mentioned is 
visible prior to the sharp sprocket holes), some below or above the 
sprocket holes, all of which must have happened in the camera.

But I don't see anything that would disrupt the path through the gate. 
Out of a total of about ten hours of run time that was transferred, this 
is the only place where that occurred.  (I paid for Rank Cintel.)

John A. Mozzer
Los Angeles, CA

P.S.  It's a good thing I don't have presbyopia, though I'm old enough.

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