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Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Fri Oct 9 10:14:40 BST 2009

Fuji has got a "TAF".  The big difference from Kodak is that Kodak has one general TAF for OCN while Fuji was smart to make one TAF per filmstock.
Each time a new stock came out, a Peter from Fuju, based in Holland, used t drop buy with a new TAF for it.

Those TAF's s*ck if you ask me...
I've actually got two sets of TAF-rolls for the same filmstock. And they don't even match!
The Kodak TAF is (I gues) made in a special machine that more or less shoots out the image on a filmstock , so all Kodak TAFs matches. But what Fuji does 
is that they get a girl infront of a camera and have some colorsharts around her and lights it with smome lamps and shoots with a 35mm camera.
So when they come out with a new stock they take a new girl (or the same) and tryes to shoot it again, but it never matches from what I've seen.

It would have been great if Fuji TAF's were as good as the Kodak one. And it would be nice if Kodak did a TAF for each filmstock.
What we did is that we called Fuji and Kodak and asked to get one roll of each stock... went to a camerarental and placed out junior colorist in front of the camera and lite it "normaly" and shot with all stocks in a controlled envirirment. That may we get all stocks shot at the same time and skintone we actually know.

Not the mote scientific way... but it worked better(ish) then the TAF's.


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