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Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Sat Oct 10 06:08:44 BST 2009

I saw that nobody had responded to this question of Richard Kirk's.

full text of his posting is at


a couple of excerpts:

On Sep 15, 2009, at 4:48 AM, Richard Kirk wrote:

> Has anyone found or seen a sulfur lamp?

> I have read about the sulphur lamp. This seems to have all the  
> properties of an incandescent lamp - this nice smooth spectrum (if  
> you don't get one of the ones made for greenhouses with boosted red),

> The only article I could find that gave a spectrum was...
> http://www.techbriefs.com/component/content/2176?task=view

I looked up the reference you gave and was intrigued, so also would
like to know more about this lamp.

At the "Nasa Tech Briefs" site referenced, I found a very brief paper  
on Colorimetry that goes some way toward explaining the subject,  
though it's biased toward Konica Minolta products, and is part of the  
"Webinar" series, which may be more suitable for readers at the  
grammar-school level, or those with a 3 page attention span.  It was  
also surprising to find flashing sales and marketing content on a  
website that uses NASA's imprimatur.

(On the Konica Minolta "Webinar" Colorimetry paper, the Konica Minolta  
Colorimeter is featured, along with information on how to purchase one.
A logical conclusion is  that we'll be seeing Honda and Budweiser ads  
on space mission hardware very soon.)

The Wikipedia entry on Colorimetry illuminated a couple of questions  
I'd had about the differences between Spectroradiometers,  
Spectrophotometers, and Spectrocolorimeters.  It even mentions 'color  
space transformations' which takes you to the entry on Color  
Translation, inside the 'Color management' section, which has some  
pertinent information on operating system support for color profiles.

Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org

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