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Ideally, you want a 1600x1200, in a 19-20" size range (if you care about it
fitting inside a console).

Dell has a suitable display:

Dell Part# : A2450994  which is an LG L2000CP-BF 

(I can't guarantee this one will fit into ALL consoles that existing
displays might be sitting in, but it likely will in most cases). 

1600x1200 displays are almost impossible to find now. You almost certainly
won't find them at your local electronics or PC emporium. Dell is about the
last place I know to get one. Hope this helps!


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Hi all,

I need to replace the LCD that displays the davinci desktop, my Viewsonic
just died. Does anyone have experience replacing the LCD for a davinci 2K
Plus system? Not the grading monitor, I need to replace the LCD that
displays the davinci desktop. I thought you could use just about any LCD as
long as it supported 1600 x 1200 but apparently it has to run at 75 htz
according to the video card in the 2K. I've heard where some places have
used inexpensive LCD's for the 2K display but haven't found anyone who is
actually doing it. I went out and bought an Acer X233H which will do full HD
but it apparently only works at 60htz. Any ideas out there? Is there a way
is there a way to make the Acer work at 60 htz or do I have to buy a 19",
1600 x 1200 75htz monitor- whatever brand fits the bill.
 Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Greg Conners,
Color Grading Artist
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