[Tig] JPEG2000 to DPX for Filmout Transfer & Digital Intermediate.

Mark Randal mark.indyfilmout at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 23:44:48 GMT 2009


Can anybody suggest the best file format for filmouts without quality loss
and takes less file size.
As we know 2K DPX or Cineon are good for filmouts, but its size is aprox
12MB taking more time to FTP.

We offer filmout / filmrecording services for independent film makers world
wide. Most of our clients ship us dpx files on drives from different
countries, but few of our trailer filmout clients send us DPX or CIN Files
via FTP which takes more time to upload & download.

One of our client wants to send JPEG2000 files for filmout, we haven't tried
this format, did anybody try it for filmouts or digital intermediate. Is
there any quality loss.

Also can you suggest any software's which can convert JPEG2000 to DPX files
without quality loss.

mark at indyfilmout.com

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