[Tig] Conform and reconform

Andrew Lim alim at upstairsefx.com
Tue Sep 1 23:05:53 BST 2009

Hi Rob,
Thanks, by 'regardless of scanning speed' I meant I wasn't regarding  
or associating how quick your Arriscan/Spirit/whatever scans to  
playback speed, I know that much.
I know DPX frames are full frames not relating to video, I deal with  
them everyday, but I have seen scanned material as DPXs but like  
video, 2 clean full frames and 3 interlaced frames (crazy i know).  
Each DPX frame was full in terms of data but not necessarily of image.  
How you're meant to deal with it I have no idea.

On 1 Sep 2009, at 17:14, Robert Houllahan wrote:

> DPX scans do not have fields they are a direct one to one Film frame  
> to DPX files this is not video so it does not have fields. You can  


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