[Tig] da Vinci bought by Blackmagic Design

White Peter Mr (EAFA) Peter.White at uea.ac.uk
Tue Sep 8 10:07:03 BST 2009

Very interesting, and thanks for sharing.  Not sure on anyone's opinion of Blackmagic Design, but we run 3 SD telecine workstations into BMD Decklink cards (using YUV or SDI) and I'm happy with the quality vs cost, and think they're a fairly sound company.  Support is fairly useless, and although it's not right to think like this but most companies support is useless!  Interesting that they're asking for more features on DaVinci's though - I'd like a feature on Decklink cards that is currently missing - how about it doesn't knock audio down by 15-20dB on input, and add it back on output?

Tuppence Ha'penny, Tuesday morning agreement/mini rant all in one.

Peter White
Head of Technical Development
East Anglian Film Archive
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