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Rich Moscoso richm at davsys.com
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Hi Rob,
  Can you post this to the TIG:

Hi Ken,
  I am so sorry to hear this news, I have a heavy heart today.  I have  
worked with Larry over the years and have always enjoyed his "tales"  
of the early days at daVinci.  He will surely be missed.  I am sure  
his family, his VTA family, and even his daVinci family will miss him  
very much, I know I will.

Rich Moscoso

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Would you please post this on the TIG for me.

Larry Barth, chief engineer of VTA Atlanta, passed away Friday
afternoon after a year long bout with cancer.  Some may remember Larry
as a field service engineer with da Vinci prior to joining VTA for the
second time.  He first worked with VTA in Florida as a staff engineer
starting in 1986, then joined da Vinci as a field service engineer.
He came back to VTA as chief engineer in Atlanta and has been working,
including last week, until his passing Friday.

His wife said the following yesterday: "Lawrence Stuart Barth was a
faithful, untiring worker for his God and a generous provider for his
family. He touched hundreds of friends and strangers personally
through his own acts of kindness. Thank you all for your prayers and
support through this time."

Arrangements have not been finalized at this time.


Ken Chambliss
ken.chambliss at vta.com


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