[Tig] Flat scans to SR

Rick Schweikert rick at fsm.com.au
Fri Sep 25 02:45:07 BST 2009

It's an interesting process that sometimes the grading community looks at
doing a film to video transfer to compressed HD videotape. Personally, I see
it as a step backwards in quality as opposed to a 2K scan of 35 or S16.

We use our NorthLight to scan at 2K - either select neg or from uncut
negative. You have your full 35mm frame and can do all blow ups etc without
fear of resolution deterioration. So it doesn't matter if you finish PAL,
NTSC or HD. Or 2K for that matter. We grade on BaseLight - but it could be
anything really.

Putting your film onto SR means you have to mess with the pixels to squash
the full height frame into HD and then expand it back out. It also can be
restrictive with blow ups if you want to finish in HD. Either that or make
decisions regarding size and racking at the transfer stage.

SR stock is pretty expensive too. 

>From a perspective of quality and also having a streamlined approach -
scanning surely is much more preferable to a video transfer to a compressed
HD tape format - no matter how good that compression might be.

Rick - FSM, Sydney

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Well, I do the same thing here in sweden.
Since I have a Spirit Classic witch can't do Log in video I do a Log-ish
look instead.

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