[Tig] Shooting to Digital

David Tosh dlt at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 30 02:24:18 BST 2009

Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> I'm not sure that the name at the end of the line for each show 
> corresponds to the
> colorist- if that's the implication - perhaps it's the name of the 
> source of the information.

As mentioned by Neal Kassner, the list was compiled by the CML Film 
group. Geoff intends to publish it on the CML web site. I would ask his 
permission before adding it to the TIG.

The name at the end of the line is the "authority" for information about 
the origination format. Mike Most was able to supply a great deal of 
information about shows in production. Please don't blame him for the 
look of the show! ;-)

Rob, if Geoff would like to have the TIG provide an update-able version 
of the list, I would like to help.

David Tosh

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