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Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Fri Apr 16 18:47:15 BST 2010

>> As for 1080/60p, is it a problem that broadcast doesn't support that
>> standard?  I guess cable / satellite providers could push that signal
>> even though it's not part of the ATSC resolutions.

>From the transmission end (whether RF or streaming) 1080/60p takes a TON more
bandwidth. They would have to compress the living hell out of it to make it
work with existing technology and bandwidth limitations. The existing amount
of broadcast and streaming compression is already way too much for me.

>Broadasters could already transmit using 1080/24P but there are issues 

I suggest that the majority issue is that, outside the industry, 24p is
considered to be jittery, smeared crap when images are moving. If it wasn't
for the undue influence of certain groups, 24p would not be a viable format at

I further suggest that if this 3D stuff catches on at all for widespread home
use, once they figure out how to squeeze fifty pounds of crap into a five
pound bag,  the sweet spot will be Blu-Ray at 60p, with lots of depth of
field. Shallow depth is NOT your friend in 3D production, and all those "I
always shoot wide open on a long lens - eyes sharp, ears soft" DP's are going
to be in for a big surprise.


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