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Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
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>>> Broadasters could already transmit using 1080/24P but there are issues

>> I suggest that the majority issue is that, outside the industry, 24p is
>> considered to be jittery, smeared crap when images are moving. If it wasn't
>> for the undue influence of certain groups, 24p would not be a viable format at
>> all.

>Do you mean jittery, smeared crap crap like all major motion pictures?

All major (and minor) motion pictures, when projected as film, are projected
at 48 frames (double exposure), or 72 frames (triple exposure) because 24
frame film is an unwatchable, jittery, smeary mess as soon as there's any sort
of semi-rapid movement in the frame. There's a reason why the Cinematographers
Handbook has a table with recommended maximum panning speeds for a given frame

I understand that 24 frame acquisition is useful to story telling because of a
conditioned reflex after seeing so much of it for years, but there are many
(and I've shot with quite a few of them) who worship at its shrine whether
it's appropriate to the content or not.

>A problem is that many TVs are not made properly to display 24p. 
>Many will upconvert to 30 or 60Hz, which is not ideal, but what DVDs 
>already do today.

That's true, but no one is transmitting 24p. All transmission is either
1080/59i or 720/60p. Streaming is still kind of the Wild West in terms of what
resolutions and frame rates people use.

The only place to get 24p is either from pro gear, Blu-Ray players, and MAYBE
some streaming services, depending on what they've decided to do this week.

>Otherwise there is no reason why 24p would not look as good as any 
>normal motion picture content, and certainly better than 1080/24i when 
>displaying content which originates as 24p.

I don't think you meant to write 24i, because there's no such thing. Sets
capable of displaying only 1080/59i will scale and insert pulldown where
appropriate to whatever they're fed, bringing the signal to the panel's native
specs. I have such a set, and have never found the effect to be disturbing or
weird when watching content originated at 24 frames.


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