[Tig] Stuck in America - Have a Colorist/Telecine/DI Party somewhere

Ted Langdell ted at tedlangdell.com
Sun Apr 18 03:07:53 BST 2010

On Apr 17, 2010, at 12:50 PM, hxpro at cinesite.co.uk wrote:

> We're also stuck in LA for a while, anybody suggest interesting  
> things to
> do and see?
> Thanks
> Kevin

Hi, Kevin and Carl (and other "stuck-ees)

Perhaps someone in each major city where folks may be stuck can  
organize a Colorist/Telecine/DI gathering.

Las Vegas, Los Angeles, NYC and/or near JFK and/or Newark, NJ?

Doesn't take much to do. Just pick a place, date and time and announce  

That's how the annual Quad/Editor/Telecine Tuesday Lunch at NAB was/is  
done.  Third one this year. Drew a pretty amazing group of people this  

I'd think you'd have time to do a gathering somewhere near LAX/Santa  
Monica tonight and/or a Sunday brunch tomorrow.

Hope you're not stuck for very long.  My colleague from the MWA Nova  
factory in Berlin is hoping his flight early tomorrow from Newark, NJ  
is still a go.

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