[Tig] Stranded NAB Folks Form Facebook Page

Graham Collett grahamcollett at visible-sprockets.co.uk
Wed Apr 21 08:18:31 BST 2010

That was a very good website, I tracked that plane ba274 into Irish
airspace and then with 55 mins left to fly, the flight then was
classified cancelled, no sign of landing, some websites even said it
never departed .... Jeremy, where are you ? Did you go to madrid instead

Graham Collett
Visible Sprockets Ltd
Sprockets(telecine) Ltd

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Sohonet http://www.sohonet.co.uk sponsors the TIG.
Gary Adams supports the TIG.

Hope this helps folks connect while they're waiting for flights home.

Click here for the article:

Click here for the facebook page:

Some of my colleagues have been booked for flights next Monday from US  
points to Germany or Denmark. Shipping packages by FedEx and UPS are  
similarly affected.


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