[Tig] Unblocking blocked US websites from abroad.

Jim Lindelien hombresur at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 20:08:44 BST 2010


Peter mentioned that some websites in the US can't be viewed from
abroad.   For those of us who live abroad but still need to do
business frequently in the US webspace, this can be a real pain.  But
here is a workaround that has been working great for me (and with whom
I have no affiliation other than as a user).

Via your Firefox browser, go to www.anchorfree.com and download their
free Hotspot Shield.  This sets up a VPN path to their US servers and
thus any place you visit on the web "thinks" you are in the US.
Hotspot Shield is normally ad supported and tries to put a banner at
the top of all the web pages, but if you install the Ad Block Plus
add-on for Firefox, the ads disappear.

I tried many other proxy services but this is the only one
consistently capable of high speed; good to know if you are in the
media business.

Many international ISPs have slow DNS servers, making page loads
painfully slow.  This setup fixes that trouble also.

This method is not for Internet Explorer (remember that?), by the way.


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