[Tig] Post Facilities near Ludwigsburg Germany

Zac Dych z.dych at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 23 18:44:46 BST 2010

Hey Everyone,

The Volcano has put our facility in a bit of a jam trying to get our deliverables to our client in Ludwigsburg and Frankfurt Germany by Monday AM.
Can anyone recommend a Facility that is capable of recieving files via Smart Jog, Signiant or Aspera (or some other form), and lay off a PAL HD-Cam SR, as well as 2x PAL DVD's and 2x NTSC DVD's and get them to Ludwigsburg and Frankfurt by Monday AM? We are finishing online this evening (4/23/10) at around 5 or 6pm.

Due to the Urgent matter of the situation if anyone could contact me off list ASAP I would greatly apreciate it!

Thanks everyone, enjoy your weekend!!

Zac Dych 
Assistant Editor 
1631 21st Street 
Santa Monica, CA  90404
310.829.9333, office
310.829.5157, fax


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