[Tig] B+W Neg and Print Processing

Cédric Lejeune cxl at workflowers.net
Sat Aug 28 22:11:37 BST 2010

Hey Ken,

been a while mate ;-)
I don't know enough about India, but I have participated in the workflow of
Polytechnique http://www.csc.ca/news/default.asp?aID=1378 DI'd at
Technicolor Montreal. They were starting from colour footage set to black
and white in Lustre with the help of plugins we developped for that purpose,
to be able to balance the influences of colours pretty much the same way as
when you put colour filters when exposing a BW film.
The final output was BW as they got the budget to do it. If for that reason
you can't get it to BW at the end be careful since outputting a BW project
to colour stock is a minefield. The only way to achieve it is to have a
perfect calibration and some LUT trickery to compensate for the colours
appearings in the different shades of grey.

See you at IBC?

Cédric Lejeune
La Madeleine, France

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