[Tig] Youtube for dailies

kent at notch.ca kent at notch.ca
Tue Dec 21 06:11:15 GMT 2010

Try cross posting this on CML and see what the DOP's think. The DOP's
reputation is on the line as well, even the poor one's :)

> Thanks for the feedback Rob,
> Basically the quality you see on the Apple Movie Trailers website is what
> can be achieved with YouTube. It is all in the encode. This is not for
> color grading, not for HighDef details, not super High Quality. It is the
> poor-man's server for dailies. No high profile content requiring secure
> hosting.  Simple streaming for the rest of those who don't have a budget
> or the need for High-End.
> Dan DiPaola
> dan at hd-encoding.com

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