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Sad news indeed, he was a good guy. I knew him back in my Showtime days,
Action posted some of our shows.

Alan Rosenfeld
The Studio - B&H

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> I've been informed that Sam Holtz passed away sometime last night (Monday
> evening/Tuesday morning).
> Sam was a major influence on many of us in post-production.   I worked for
> him at Action Video (a company he founded and ran in the 1980s and 90s, in
> Hollywood) for 7 years.  When you worked for Sam you felt like a member of
> his family.
> People who knew Sam never forgot him, his character was that strong, and
> there are precious few characters like him remaining in our business.
> As more details come to light, I'll share them with the TIG, or if anyone
> else hears of possible services, etc.  please share with the group; many of
> us knew Sam well.
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