[Tig] Nice graded feauture

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Tue Feb 2 08:36:23 GMT 2010

Speaking about great grading...

I just saw "Gamer" the other day. 
I used my PS3 with was connected to my Sony VPL-HS60 projector via HDMI.
The PS3 was set to YCbCr and aperently my Projector didn't like that.

I watched the opening fight-sceen and it looked absolutely AMAZING. 
The skintones were dimmed-blue and all the explosions and fire ware extremly Blue, like ice cold, super saturated.
Overall dark.
For the opening sceen witch is a gunfight, I didn't think there was a RGB/YUV problem, it looked so nice I just though it was a desired look trying to make it look/feel like a videogame. 
It was when I came to the next scen, a normal world office scen, were I started to second doubt my setting.
Fiddled around a bit and got it to work as it was ment (actually, I could get it back to "wrong" again after that, must have been a hickup in the projector were it thought it was a RGB but it was YUV, although it seems to support YUV in the end)

If you have the movie on BluRay, a PS3 and connected to a Projector via HDMI. Have a look and hopefulle we'll see more of that look in the future..
(when looking in the correct colorspace it still looked good. but not the freaky blue look)


Hey All,
Kudos to Stephen Nakamura for his work on "A Single Man".
I saw an average print at an average theatre, but the dynamic color changes from desat to color were really well done.
I know that a color dissolve is something so simple that we all do, but the execution in this picture was well done.
Very evocative of the period, and a great subliminal mood changer, all done with restraint and a steady hand.
I also like the way he damped down the HMI flicker in the overcranked shots.
Great job.
Disclaimer. Yes I have done more than one color dissolve before.

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