[Tig] Inspiration from Vermeer

Graham Collett grahamcollett at visible-sprockets.co.uk
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In the late 90's the late Jack Cardiff came to the late The Machine Room
.. to consult with Maria Pallazola of Criterion Pictures in the
re-mastering Red Shoes. 
He had a vivid memory of how he shot it and what he was trying to

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> Cardiff's career as cinematographer started in 1935 and he appears to
> have been working until a year or two before his death in 2009 at age

> 95.   One year after Black Narcissus came his work on The Red Shoes.
> Rob

I was lucky enough to work with him on a short film in 1998. A real
honour. Even in his eighties he had a very perceptive mind and a
fantastic eye. He was amazed by secondary colour correction but did say
' why not just shoot it properly in the first place....'

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