[Tig] Inspiration from Vermeer

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Tue Feb 2 16:52:45 GMT 2010

  ' why not just shoot it properly in the first place....'
> He has a point, though as we know, with colorspace translations,  
> etc....
> There's something to be said for in-camera or on-set effects,  
> particularly matte paintings and artistic backdrops, that lend an  
> impressionism to the work.

Before the lens is a really great place to "fix things", not only for  
its organic cachet.  I think this probably extends to performance,  
too, and I'm thinking though of the difference of opinion between  
'method' practitioners.  I love the anecdote...

the story of Sir Laurence Olivier’s curt advice to a young Dustin  
Hoffman on the 1976 set of Marathon Man showed.
When confronted by his exhausted-looking co-star, who’d been  
depriving himself of sleep for days to portray his character’s worn- 
out state, Olivier just rolled his eyes: “Why not just try acting,  
dear boy? It’s much easier.”

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