[Tig] ARRI D21 50fps 422 dual stream

Roger Koller tig at onlinevideo.ch
Thu Feb 4 16:09:27 GMT 2010

Hi Craig

I think this is CMOS sensor related....we had this once with D21  
material and almost every time with RED stuff...we usually get in  
control of that with the FilmMaster noise reducer, which works great....
I know that the grain reducer that Baselight features does not supply  
very good results...since it's a de-grainer...
You might try to use F_DeNoise (Furnace Plug-In from the Foundry) they  
run on Autodesk, FCP (as FurnaceCore), Nuke, Shake....they work very  
well but it's an additional step of course...

Roger Koller
On Line Video 46

On 04.02.2010, at 09:31, Craig wrote:

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> ====
> Has anyone had problems with noise in the blacks while grading D21  
> 50fps 422
> dual stream from the ARRI. We are using a Baselight HD, any  
> suggestions how
> to get rid of it will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Craig Simonetti
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