[Tig] Seeing forbidden colors

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Sat Feb 13 22:16:45 GMT 2010

David Hume posed the question in 1739: Is it possible to perceive a  
new color?

The February issue of Scientific American magazine has an article on  
the results of a study by Vincent A. Billock and Brian H. Tsou  
demonstrating that "people can be made to see reddish green and  
yellowish blue, colors forbidden by theories of color perception.   
These and other hallucinations provide a window in the phenomenon of  
visual opponency."

A preview of the article is at

...the full article appears only to be in the full magazine as sold,  
either on the web or at a newsstand.

There are other interesting conclusions in the article regarding  
geometric hallucinations, suggesting there is also an opponency that  
pits some shapes against others.

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