[Tig] dailies

Steve Hullfish steve at veralith.com
Fri Feb 19 17:17:48 GMT 2010

For those doing dailies for film or TV, what are the software and  
hardware products that are getting used to get 35mm film, RED, ARRI,  
and various HD flavors to dailies?

I'm assuming 35mm is going from telecine through basic video channels  
to either low-cost videotape (DVCAM, etc.) or through a computer with  
video card direct to hard drive as Quicktime or MXF? Avid used to have  
telecine software built-in to Symphony for direct import, is that  
still on the most recent hardware? It's on my ancient Symphony. Is  
anyone actually using it? What about RED or ARRI or the other file- 
based cameras? How are you converting that? With RED Rocket and RED  
software? Gamma and Density? And the HD camera footage is probably  
going straight from the master tape as a dub to lower end tape or  
through a computer with video card to a hard drive? Anyone doing  
dailies from HD that has been recorded straight to an HDD or some  
other tapeless technology? XDCAM/P2?

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