[Tig] "Memory Colors"--Link to ProLost blog post by Stu Maschwitz

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Mon Feb 22 05:00:30 GMT 2010

On Feb 20, 2010, at 6:36 AM, Ted Langdell wrote:

> Orphanage co-founder, filmmaker Stu Maschwitz has an interesting  
> post on his blog about "Memory Colors" and the need to preserve them  
> during CC.
> http://prolost.com/blog/2010/2/15/memory-colors.html

It's an interesting exposition he's made.  I think most colorists with  
a few years under the belt know these things without having to refer  
to the theory.  It's like musicians who, after a few years playing,  
hear harmony without having to study it.   The optical illusion of the  
perception of shades of gray is well done in the version he lists; it  
has been shown many times before in other incarnations.

> Someone replying mentions Semiotics, the study of how meaning is  
> created through various means. (Color is certainly one of them.)

Well there is semantics, and semiotics... Umberto Eco is my favorite  
exponent of semiotics.  He had a lot of fun (not :) ) with his take on  
The DaVinci Code.

> Outdoor colors in Danbury, CT this morning are influenced by sky-lit  
> blue and cloud-filtered sunlight, with occasional transitions to  
> direct sunlight.  Could make for an interesting time en-suite trying  
> to deal with material shot this morning, as the clouds move along  
> overhead.

One challenge colorists often face in climes foreign to Southern  
California is this habit clouds have of moving.  Exposure, color  
balance, and in the case of film, reciprocity, change.   The quality  
of sunlight changes according to latitude and season..  Couple those  
changes with camera settings (and in the case of film, stock types)  
and things get entertaining.

Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org

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