[Tig] [Fwd: Re: New Hat in Color]

Craig Leffel craig at optimus.com
Thu Feb 25 04:54:36 GMT 2010

Nice setup Bob !!

Love the tilt on the Baselight screens in the DI room. Warms my heart to 
see BL's set up in a nice space. What are you guys using for the 
Waveform displays?
Wow, you like 'em big. I gave up all my scopes except one, and I'm a 
histogram boy now. Don't really have much need for the HD scope I kept.

Is that a Davio attached to your Cine-tal?  I'm moving to a setup like 
that relatively soon, with a Panasonic.

Anyway, congrats on what looks like a great build-out with great gear.

All my best, as usual.


Craig Leffel
Senior Colorist / Partner
Chicago / Santa Monica

Bob Festa wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've posted some new pictures of our facility.  
> After being in business for a year, we have a bit of design maturity, and a new DI theatre to show you.
> No flames please.
> http://gallery.me.com/bobfesta#100638
> Disclaimer. I have an interest in what is happening here.
> Bob Festa

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