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Craig Leffel craig at optimus.com
Thu Feb 25 21:51:36 GMT 2010

A few years ago, I would have thought the same thing Graham. But I've 
seen the Panasonic side by side with my trusted Sony 32" CRT, and it's 
unbelievably close - even without a Davio. A Davio just makes it a 
really versatile, repeatable, solid setup. Besides, CRT's aren't being 
sold anymore. They don't exist for new buyers. As much as I'd like to 
stomp my feet and hold on to the old way of doing things, I'm really 
tired of hearing that my CRT graded material doesn't look exactly the 
same as on a flat screen. Time to move on into the 21st century folks. 
Especially when the color space and quality are relatively equal.

CRT's are dead and should be dead. The reality is they've been dead for 
3 years. If you're still grading on one, you're not looking at what the 
majority of people will see when viewing your work. Especially when it 
stops first at an agency and Client advertiser.

As for who's a colorist, I'll put my skills and my toolset up against 
anyone who thinks working in Color alone makes you a "Colorist".
But, who really cares who calls themself a Colorist anyway? The proof is 
in whether or not you can make a living doing it. If you can, and you 
have clients, I guess it doesn't really matter what you call yourself. 
It works in music and Art, why not our little world?

Just my 2 cents Graham.

Best -

Craig Leffel

Graham Collett wrote:
> I cant believe this list is seriously considering the "professional set
> up" of a TV ... A consumer tele !
> We are driving ourselves down to the depths ... This is why Joe Blow
> thinks he is a colorist, because he has a mac, and Fred has a mac, a
> light and a tele so it must be a suite.
> Sorry if your name is Joe Blow or Fred .. 
> Graham Collett

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