[Tig] New Hat in Color

Rick Schweikert rick at fsm.com.au
Thu Feb 25 22:10:49 GMT 2010

I agree with Rob. It's great to see people prepared to invest (heavily) in
technology that allows them to execute their craft with the utmost precision
and creative effect.

Too often in this market, we're seeing half backed attempts at colour
grading using ineffective technology in the hands of people who, with the
best intentions, don't have the skills of an expert colourist. Add poor
monitoring and incorrect lighting and you have a situation where the results
on screen are sub standard - and then we all suffer.

As a long time user of FilmLight products (1 x NorthLight, 2 x BaseLight)
for commercial and theatrical grading, I applaud Bob's choice of technology.
And that's not to say the DaVinci's of the world don't make good products
too. What they all offer is the best available technology - anything else is
a compromise.

Rick, FSM Sydney.

Disclaimer - I don't work for FilmLight, just use their kit. Well, I buy it
and employ great colourists who use it.

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On Feb 25, 2010, at 12:14 PM, Peter Lynch wrote:

> Wow... We are all SO impressed... What has happened to this forum?
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Is that a rhetorical question, like this one?

I think Bob's posting was quite welcome, encouraged, shows us what's  
going on in that corner of the market.

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