[Tig] CRTs, Plasmas, My Neighbors TV, Fat Faces

Pete Jannotta petej at filmworkers.com
Fri Feb 26 13:30:32 GMT 2010

I'm happy to see this topic   being discussed and I have to admit I have been questioning the value of   monitoring our work in a way that only works in our closed loop of high   quality CRTs and flat screens "simulating" CRTs.  The whole CRT vs.   "lower quality flat screen" quandary has bothered me for at least the   last couple of years. My observations in the real consumer world prove   to me that it's the Wild West out there. I have never before seen such   an unpredictable mess made of our work than ever before. I don't even   want to get into the whole stretching of 4x3 images to fill 16x9 space   that everyone is excepting as normal.. I live in a high rise   neighborhood and can more easily see my neighbor's flat screen across   the street than the old CRT display in my living room.  I think that   display across the street is putting out slightly more than 30   ft./lmbts., not to mention most of the images displayed on it are not   sized properly.
So the question I pose to the group is   one that I can't yet answer myself.  Is it more correct to judge our   work on CRTs and flat screens "simulating" CRTs our do we monitor super   bright wide gamut so that we know what our work will most likely look   like in the real world.
 Another statement and question. I agree that   CRTs are dying away. Why monitor with a prosumer flat screen and go   through great pains to make it look like a CRT?

This curious mind   wants to know.

Still Loving My Craft Of 32 Years,  Pete Jannotta

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