[Tig] Storage: 35 terabytes on one 4-inch tape

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Feb 26 19:58:32 GMT 2010

IBM and Fujifilm have achieved a world record in magnetic tape  
density: 30GB per square inch.  So a single cartridge can hold 35  
terabytes.   The article is at


A penny per GB, which is a lot more frugal than the 10c per GB for HDD  
storage.  This implies that storage of our image data will remain  
inexpensive if done to tape.  IBM plans to increase density to 100GB  
per square inch, "in anticipation of massive storage needs for  
recorded video from the millions of security cameras..."  The  
fascinating footage of Mossad agents in Dubai comes to mind.

I was on the UC San Diego campus yesterday at the Supercomputing  
Center, which sadly has lost its NSF funding, and is apparently being  
re-purposed for biotechnology.  The UCSD Center for Magnetic Recording  
Research is addressing the need for increased density:

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