[Tig] Re; Heresy or practicality

simon astbury simonastbury at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 1 09:47:44 BST 2010

> The scope was the truth (as far as video monitoring went). The JVC was pretty close to the truth. The Panasonic was quite a bit different yet the clients and others liked it because it was a large viewing area. Call it inexact or what have you but it was not far off from any environment that provides professional grading. I recently posted about how this confusion is mitigated by an experienced colorist who can feel his/her way through this.
> As the files were ingested into conform on an Auto Desk system they took on a little different vibe. Shocking I know. As they make there way through the system they keep on changing. But its not an effort in futility. 
> It has to be good at the front end. I know this is why more scientific minds hone their steel on gamuts and biases. Boogie on guys. We are making hay with inexact science and TV's are still being turned on by the billions everyday. 
> Dave

I have to agree with this, the main effect of using newer LCD panels rather than the BVWs seem to be that , even now after having worked with my Cinetal 10bit for nearly a year I spend a lot more time looking at my scopes than I used to. Primarily for black levels. I was trained to only look at the scopes for confirmation, rather than to help balance a grade and that has generally worked for me, they pay us for our eyes and subjective judgement after all!FWIW I do not have a client monitor in my suite, when it comes to the sign of, I generally get the client to sit directly in front of the monitor. This presents problems with multiple clients of course, but it should work OK until I get my projector : )

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