[Tig] Re; Heresy or practicality

Cem Ozkilicci cemoz101 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 2 09:32:03 BST 2010

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, I have to agree too ...

>I have to agree with this, the main effect of using newer LCD panels  rather 
>than the BVWs seem to be that , even now after having worked  with my 
>Cinetal 10bit for nearly a year I spend a lot more time  looking at my scopes 
>than I used to. Primarily for black levels.  

Looking at the scopes is always something I do regardless of the display  type 
but yes, the need to check them out is definitely increased with  the Cine-tal 
(or any LCD monitor). The projector is always my main  display but I tried once 
to grade with only the LCD and it took some  time to realise when the black 

Using Light Illusion's CMS system to profile the LCD and projector we  managed 
to generate a LUT for the LCD to get it a bit closer to the  projector. That 
made things look a tad better but, obviously in the end,  the problem lies with 
the technology and the need for scopes has become  even more vital.



(I'm not affiliated to Cine-tal or Light Illusion ... I just use their  

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