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Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Sun Jul 4 02:34:06 BST 2010

The TIG exists for reasons enumerated at 

which most importantly include, supporting colorists and engineers needing employment worldwide.

The TiG is dependent on sponsors  and supporters listed at 

the following are the benefits for support of the TIG 2010-2011:

Listing in the NAB/IBC Focus Sheets (history and work going back
  20 years)
Logo and link on the main TIG wiki page
Listing on the Supporters page
Ability to post to the TIG calendar page
Thanks to the mailinglist on a periodic basis.

The following have contributed or renewed for 2010-11. 
Following this list will be one that includes those who have not renewed or do not wish to support the TIG in 2010-11.

Cem Ozkilicci June 2010
Cine-tal June 2010
Film Systems May 2010
Gary Coates April 2010
International Colorist Academy April 2010
Colorflow Post April 2010
FilmLight April 2010
Workflowers, Cedric Lejeune April 2010
Gary Adams April 2010
Cintel March 2010
Snell March 2010
Digital Vision March 2010
Glenn Chan March 2010
Company 3 February 2010
P+S Technik February 2010
Dave Reinowski January 2010
Steve Hullfish December 2009
Video Engineering, UK November 2009
Joe Przedwiecki, Telecine4sale.com November 2009
Rob Houllahan Cinelab October 2009
IVC Burbank October 2009
Quantel October 2009
Technicolor NYC October 2009
AJA September 2009
Aaton September 2009
Cedric LeJeune September 2009
Jeff Christopherson September 2009
Autodesk August 2009
XDT August 2009
Jack James August 2009
FilmLight August 2009
David Warner, Crawford Communications August 2009
Rich Montez July 2009
International Colorist Academy July 2009
Carl Skaff July 2009
Adolfo Martinelli June 2009
Steve Paris June 2009


Flanders Scientific
DaVinci (BlackMagic)

Rob  TIG admin/founder
Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org

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