[Tig] Silver Screen Nightmares

Cem Ozkilicci cemoz101 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 10 10:12:54 BST 2010

Hi Ken,

I find it funny how the proliferation of silver screens due to 3d setups has 
lead to all this. Just when we were getting into the groove of things by saying 
DCI mastering, perfect now every 'copy' will look the same (as long as the 
projectors are setup correctly of course!) … we stumble upon this. 

A trim pass would, as you said, not be pretty especially if you don't have a 
silver screen to grade it on and are left in the dark by guessing what the trim 
might be. 

I have the same problem when grading stereo projects on a Real D setup with a 
silver screen… I personally would grade the 2d version first and then add a trim 
pass at the end, but if you have clients that are insistent in grading in 3d 
then it becomes a problem. Because there doesn't seem to be (although I'm SURE 
there is) anyone that knows (or makes public) what the deviation of the 
colorimetry is between silver screen with Real-D vs. Dolby (which in theory 
doesn't need a trim pass) it gets to be a bit tricky.

In this day and age, I would assume that manufacturer's would come up with a 
somewhat simple solution to either build a 'LUT' (possibly) to roughly emulate 
one environment in another, either with a setting in a projector, or a LUT you 
can use on a colour correction system. 

We tried to do something similar here in Warsaw by measuring the Real D setup 
with the probe thru the Real D glasses but the measurements from the probe were 
not very accurate so we dropped that idea.

But coming back to your problem of a '2d film' on a silverscreen… My only guess 
would be to measure the silver screen with test patches, jot down the numbers 
and possibly try to compile a LUT of some kind to use. But then again, you have 
to make sure that the silver screen theatre in question is properly set up 
(footlamberts and all). Furthermore, how are you going to know which copies are 
going to be shown on a silverscreen and which ones are going to be shown in a 
'normal' 2d environment? 

Which comes back to what you said Ken … your thoughts most welcome.

Cem Ozkilicci

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Every screen in that theatre is silver. If all the 2d movies are being played on 
this silver screen, no one is getting a proper view.

I am wondering, I am sure I am not the only one affected by this problem, how 
are others in the world dealing with this new development of silver screens. 
Theatre owners are shooting themselves in the foot playing out 2d movies on 
silver screens if what I saw was any indication of how it makes the image look.

Should I do a trim pass for silver screens (this would not be pretty).

Your thoughts most welcome.

ken metzker
rmw mumbai (and somtimes chennai)

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