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Greg D. gd.tk at comcast.net
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3D screens??

So to make up for a lack of brightness 'cause theaters are too cheap to have
good projectors, they're supposed to put in special screens to make up for
this lack of brightness??

I am not impressed with 3D watching thru glasses that obstruct my peripheral
vision and definitely seem to change the image quality negatively despite
the efforts upstream.  The real 3D glasses really seem to impact contrast
ratio and maximum highlights.

Why do we have to wear sunglasses at the movies!?!?  This is now better?!?!

Greg Dildine
once a colorist, always a critic

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On Jul 9, 2010, at 10:43 PM, Ken Metzker wrote:

> But from my humble eyes the premiere was lacking in contrast  
> (specifically in the blacks) with mids and highlights leaning appr.  
> two points (in old film school talk) towards blue. Since the film  
> was completely concerned with present/past looks that helped tell  
> the story, I can honestly say that the difference in colour and  
> contrast affected the visual storytelling in a negative way.
>  I was told that we were screening on a silver screen that was  
> installed for 3d screenings.

Screen manufacturer Harkness says (in comparison linked below) "When  
3D auditoria are showing 2D content the screen will generally be too  
bright, so lamp power should be reduced."

Is it possible that something got changed between the time the DP took  
the spectrometer to the cinema?

When the DP measured,  were polarizing filters for 3D pulled out of  
the optical path?  Or somehow reinserted  before the screening?  Lamp  
brightness adjusted?  LUT changed?

Was the auditorium he measured the same auditorium the premiere  
actually took place in? (Maybe a last minute change by the cinema to  
accommodate more/less people?

Were you sitting in the center of the auditorium... or off to the  
side? If off to the side, how far in degrees?

There are so many screen types, for different situations:
http://www.da-lite.com/products/selecting.php?viewMode=front  among  


Harkness has some useful information comparing 2D and 3D:

There are further links at the bottom.

No connection to any of the screen manufacturers... just curious about  
the differences in screen types and how they might have affected your  

How does the show look in other theaters that may NOT have 3D screens?


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