[Tig] Looking for VS4 Video Sweetener

Van Dusen, Todd Todd.VanDusen at lac-bac.gc.ca
Mon Jul 12 14:21:41 BST 2010

Hello members of the TIG,

My name is Todd Van Dusen, I am with the Library and Archives Canada.  I am hoping someone can give me some advice as to where I can find a used VS4 Video Sweetener.  The power supply just went on my unit.  Any help in finding a replacement unit, power supply or schematics would be greatly appreciated.  

Todd Van Dusen

Todd Van Dusen
Restaurateur en chef / Head Conservator
Section Vidéo /  Video Section 
Conservation-restauration et reproduction de préservation / Conservation and Preservation Copying
Direction de la conservation des collections / Care of Collection Branch 
Bibliothèque et Archives Canada / Library and Archives Canada
Courriel / E-mail: todd.vandusen at lac-bac.gc.ca 
Tél. / Phone: (819) 994-3220
Téléc. / Fax: (819) 953-0070
Gouvernment du Canada / Government of Canada

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