[Tig] YouTube can now play 4K

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Mon Jul 12 22:28:52 BST 2010

>We WILL be seeing a quantum leap of improvement on streaming video soon. It is inevitable. Ignore this to your peril.

Perhaps where you are. 

In the U.S., there is little incentive for the carriers to improve the
service. We already pay one of the highest rates per byte of speed in the
industrialized world, coupled with one of the slowest overall services
anywhere. And they see no reason to spend any money to change that.

Internet access in the U.S. is a pathetic joke compared to most of Europe and
especially Asia, and if the carriers manage to bribe enough politicians to
defeat net neutrality, it's going to get much worse, especially for streaming

>cable, due to the way it is implemented, suffers worse. My ADSL line is rated 6.5Mbps and I can stream YouTube videos near that capacity on day time, but that reduces to ~2Mbps on most evenings. 

I don't disagree. Cable speed is aggregate, and if all your neighbors are
online downloading files, everyone's speed suffers. DSL doesn't have that
issue, but is currently limited in how fast it can go.

>That is not because YouTube is choked, they have way larger capacity than that, it is because your line is shared by others.

No, it is precisely because YouTube is choked. 

I can go from their site to download an enormous file from Microsoft, or
Adobe, or Apple, and I will get 20-30 Mb/s speed easily. YouTube under
identical conditions, fluctuates between 240-900 Kb/s. 

Every major site I hit normally gives me full speed, while YouTube just sucks
here. It gave me the exact same crappy speeds under DSL as I get with cable.


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