[Tig] YouTube can now play 4K

Riza Nur Pacalioglu riza at silver.co.uk
Tue Jul 13 18:50:05 BST 2010

"In the U.S., there is little incentive for the carriers to improve the
service. We already pay one of the highest rates per byte of speed in the
industrialized world, coupled with one of the slowest overall services
anywhere. And they see no reason to spend any money to change that."

I think your president have heard you :-)

"President Obama is due to unveil $795m worth of grants and loans to fun 66 infrastructure projects which aim to spread fast broadband connections across the country.

"The loans and grants are due to be topped up by outside investment, equating to a billion dollar plan to push fast broadband services across the country."


Riza Nur Pacalioglu
Silver Productions, Salisbury, England

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