[Tig] Mobile color questions

alexander black enigma at turingstudio.com
Fri Jul 16 02:54:49 BST 2010

> Is anyone working on or looking at mobile video content?


> If so, does delivery method matter for color - e.g. streaming over  
> cell, streaming
> over wi-fi, or sideload.

No. Data is data, packets are packets. Streaming *can* but not because  
it is streamed, simply because the codec requirements for the  
streaming platform are different, so the data you are delivering is  

Of course chosen datarate of the encoding matters hugely for overall  
quality, only tangentially for color.

> And are there considerations based on the
> source material - for instance sports vs. movies vs. news?

Yes, but no different than any other platform in that you make  
different decisions for encoding based on content.

> Is the experience satisfying and if not, what are the problems, and  
> are
> color issues anywhere near the top of the list?

Sure, given the state of devices, the market, and likely viewing  

Color issues are not at the top of the list, bandwidth is (any ATT  
customers here? yeah, me too, sorry). It is my understanding that the  
iPad displays use the same LG panel (different size obviously) as in  
the newest CineTals, though with a completely different method of  
backlighting. Would be hilarious to do a spectro profile of an iPad.  
Has anyone?

Color fidelity is dependent entirely on the display device and the  
sophistication of the underlying platform, and I'd argue that the only  
mobile devices relevant to video are the iPhone, iPad (yeah, ok semi- 
mobile) and the Android phones with big screens.

Those are all LCD, smaller versions of your normal LCD displays with  
various backlighting techniques. Long as you're encoding black  
properly (that is, your video data is good) then the display on those  
devices is more than acceptable, it's actually good.


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