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Fri Jul 16 03:28:40 BST 2010

If you mean real time transfer from a telecine, there's DVNR (Digital  
Vision also makes the DVO software), Cintel Grace, Terranex and a few  
others. You can pick up a used HD DVNR for anywhere between $6K and  
$20K. Haven't seen the others for sale used lately, but new expect to  
pay $50K-ish on up.

As far as DVO, you have to have either a Film Master of Phoenix  
systems to get the DVO tools. We have this on our Film Master. Long  
renders, although our hardware is 1 generation old.

We also have our own proprietary grain/noise software, called A.R.T.  
(Advanced Restoration Tools). We launched this service about 6 months  
ago, and it has some unique features as compared to any other system,  
commercial or proprietary. We've already used it for several major  
studio titles. I'd be happy to talk about this offline.


Sean McKee
Restoration & New Technology
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> Hi All,
> Just wonder if anyone would suggest any good noise reducer for HD   
> video real time transfer to reduce the film grain.
> Someone suggests me to use DVO, a software tool. Anyone can give me   
> a comment on DVO? Does anyone know about the rendering time on DVO?
> Thanks a lot,
> evan chan
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