[Tig] Silver Screen Nightmares

Ken Metzker kenmetzker at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 16 19:42:44 BST 2010


Thank you for the answers I recieved on my silver screen nightmare, especially Ted. If it was just a brightness issue, it would be simple to solve, but it seems to be more then that. More of a contrast issue. Cem, we did a pass for the silver screen and it made the DP reasonably happy, but not me. I have requested the DP (with other cinematographers) to get this cinema to install one nonsilver screen for premieres. Let's hope for the best. Any colour scientists out there want to explain why it will be different (come on Richard).

One more question, has anyone out there done any research on resolution independent grain reduction and sharpening software? I am doing a test on Reletivity over the next month. Are there any other "players"?


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